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  • CurveMX5wbinner216x
    Curve MX5 HD Dashcam

    Curve MX5 is a HD compact Car DVR recorder and this will fit for anyone who wants to monitor their car against theft or accidents. MX5 is a prefect fit when traveling to the road to capture clear vivid video of the scenery or people during the trip

  • CurveMX6wbinner216xfinal
    Curve MX6 Full HD Dashcam

    Curve MX6 is the latest Full HD Digital Dashcam debut in car black box industry. Curve MX6 is a front facing dashcam with wide angle lens that constantly captures video and audio while you are driving. MX6 produces an amazing video. 

  • CurveQB5wbinner216x
    Curve QB5 HD Dashcam

    Curve QB5 is the latest HD mini-sized It's a Dash Cam without sacrificing any of the key function found in the popular MX series. The minture size is a prefect fit for drivers who wish to stay low profile in their surrounding environment. 

  • CurveQB6wbinner216x
    Curve QB6 2CH FHD Dashcam

    Curve QB6 has the most distinctive front and back recording camera that produces a full 1920x1080P seamlessly. QB6 has embedded functions such as DUAL “motion detection" function” and G-Sensor in BOTH front and rear camera.