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  • Pre-Summer with Prestige 100 at Knotts Berry

    Planning overseas trip this June holiday? Remember to bring along a Curve Prestige 100. Capture your world of fun with the greatest-looking photos and videos you'll be proud for years to come. Watch out the finest and funnist video captured by Prestige 100 this summer at Knotts Berry Farm, California, USA. 

  • Curve MX5 HD720P DashCam Video Footage (Day/Night)

    Curve MX5 is a high definition Dashcam which produces amazing video quality. Curve MX5 produces a video resolution of 1280x720P in AVI format. With its unique function such as night recording, G-sensor and Motion Detection function, Curve MX5 will be the ideal Dashcam to begin with. 

  • Curve QB5 HD720P DashCam Video Footage

    Curve QB5 is a stylish and compact Dashcam designed for those driver who wish to stays low profile against the surrounding environment. Featuring a 135 degree ultra-sharp lens in a compact 1.41" TFT LCD panel which allow driver to hide QB5 easily on their windscreen. QB5 feature a unique HD 720P front recording, it also boasts a high technological car black box with functions such as "motion detection function" as well as equipping "gravity (G-Sensor)" which is a distinctive and unique feature found in this compact size.

  • Curve MX6 Full HD1080P DashCam Video Footage (Day/

    Curve MX6 records a Full HD1080p (1920x1080p) video in high Clarity HD resolution which is vital to capture the surrounding environment including involved license plates of accident/incident participants.

    WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), a lighting sensor to produce higher video quality also has been embedded in Curve MX6.

    Please view it at highest (HD720P) resolution on your browser


  • Curve QB6 1st Dual Full HD 1080P Front and Back

    New Debut in February 2015 - Curve QB6 is not only delivering a unique full HD 1080P front and back recording, it also boosts a sleek and compact design with added functions such as DUAL “motion detection function” as well as equipping “Gravity (G-Sensor)” found in both and front camera. Check out the video footage to witness this amazing technology from Curve.

  • Curve Prestige 100 Sports Camera - Let the adventu

    The Curve™ Prestige 100 is an uniquely design which allows digital video recording in situations where it may not be possible to use standard camcorders. Coupled with different type of adventure outdoor accessories, the Curve™ Prestige 100 will allow the user to capture high quality digital video and sound footage anywhere.

    Please view it at highest (HD720P) resolution on your browser